Get A Wrestling Program Designed To Enrich The Lives of Boys & Girls of All Ages.

  • Children from kindergarten through high school have the opportunity to grow and learn in the sport of wrestling in a fun, safe and active environment.
  • We strive to develop the whole person through wrestling focusing on character, integrity, discipline and hard work with the confidence that wrestling will help shape and mold the young men and women who come into our program into outstanding students, wrestlers, teammates and citizens.
  • Over 50 years of rich tradition, and success

Our Promise To Parents and Students

Aquinas Wrestling will use wrestling as a tool to help shape the boys who come into the program into young men of high character and integrity. This will be done using the discipline, hard work and dedication required of by wrestling, along with the modeling our coaches display both in the practice room and daily lives. Our goal is not to only create great wrestlers, but great young men who will one day become outstanding sons, fathers, brothers, husbands and citizens within their community.

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Aquinas Wrestling Programs

Youth Wrestling Program

*Children from any local school, in K – 6th grade, are welcome to participate.

Middle School Wrestling Program

*Children must be enrolled within the Aquinas Catholic School System.

High School Wrestling Program

*Children must be enrolled within the Aquinas Catholic School System.

Words From Former Aquinas Wrestlers

Christopher Poellinger (Class of 2013)

During high school, the Aquinas wrestling program was a great way to have fun, push myself physically and mentally, and to compete. As time has passed though, I have realized that I took much more out the program than just a few good memories. Looking back, I can honestly say that it played a big role in developing me into the man I am today. It taught me lessons of hard work, perseverance, and leadership which have all helped me immensely in my pursuit to become an officer in the Navy through the NROTC program at UW-Madison.

Nick Poellinger (Class of 2012)

Some of my best friendships and fondest memories of my time at Aquinas were made with the wrestling team in the practice room, on the bus rides back from tournaments, and competing on the mat during duals. The wrestling season can be tough at times, but it was these moments that helped foster camaraderie between my coaches, teammates, and I that I’ll always remember. More so than any other activity in high school, wrestling taught me discipline, determination, intensity, and to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. These are the life lessons that help overcome the adversity and challenge that is necessary to be successful in life.

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